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Contact us to get a FREE SAMPLE of Nano Shower Glass Protection. In addition, your first order will be upgraded to “buy one, get one free”. When you place your order, contact us directly so we can personally apply that discount.

Covers 10 showers/300 sq ft 
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Covers 20 showers/600 sq ft  Contact Us for Details

Covers 40 showers/1200 sq ft  Contact Us for Details

* We recommend you take advantage of our shower glass protection 10-year warranty at $7.00/sq. ft. for a single coating, $10.00/sq. ft. for a double coating.

* Actual numbers may vary. We have found them to be a little conservative.

If you’re wanting to offer Free Coating protection, our Nano Lite product is also a great product. It allows you to sell it directly to the customers, or you can offer a once-a-year clean and reapply during the slow months of the year to generate additional income.