Nano Glass Protection

Want to make cleaning your glass surfaces faster and easier?

Protect your new shower glass, window glass and other glass surfaces from damaging hard water stains and calcium build up with the Nano Glass Protection line of proven products.

When applied by our professional installers, Nano Glass Protection provides an ultra thin layer of security that will protect against hard water deposits, prevent most scratching, and make surfaces resistant to soap build up and grime.

Nano Glass Protectant is hand applied by our trained technicians and gives a similar effect to the coating on your non-stick frying pan. Hard water stains and calcium deposits that have clouded and ruined glass surfaces in the past, slide right off surfaces protected by Nano Glass Protection. No more harsh or abrasive chemical cleaners needed. Simply use a bit of soap or shower gel with a non abrasive cleaning cloth and wipe down your treated surfaces, rinse with cool water and your done. Use of a squeegee for excess water keeps spotting to a minimum. Follow recommended cleaning instructions and your shower glass is protected by a Lifetime Warranty against staining and clouding.

Nano Glass Protection can be applied to Shower Glass, Windows, Auto and Boat Windshields as well as may other silica based surfaces. Protected surfaces will be significantly easier to clean and cut maintenance time.

Don’t let your new glass become damaged by the effects of time and hard water. Protect it today with the best quality products on the market, Nano Glass Protection!